Trimble® RTS Series Robotic Total Stations
Hydro-Temp Mechanical is one of only a handful of contractors offering an amazingly accurate layout tool called the? Trimble® RTS Series Robotic Total Stations. But the fancy equipment alone will not get the job done, so Hydro-Temp offers the team and the expertise to effectively employ the full capabilities of this tool. The Trimble® RTS Series Robotic Total Stations help contractors perform layout tasks significantly more efficiently than with conventional mechanical systems for building construction. Designed specifically for concrete, MEP, and general construction contractors, the Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations offer construction-specific functionality and one-person operation so you can perform all jobsite layout and measurement tasks for maximum flexibility and cost savings.


  • Layout of control
  • Checking or typing into property boundaries
  • Layout of excavation lines
  • Layout of concrete forms and anchor
  • As-built checks
  • Layout of control lines on concrete paid for subcontractor
  • Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
  • Light topographical measurements

Using the Trimble, your Hydro-Temp team will pinpoint the exact layout required for the appropriate space within the project, and will formulate the best plan to achieve this accurate layout with laser precision.
Mechanical Systems Model

With this level of precision, there is no guess-work and no potential for surprises. The end result will be an accurate layout, achieved in a fraction of the time it would take the traditional approach. The net result will be saving for you, and smooth operation for your project.
Trimble Laser Pointer

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